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 Lit Buddy Burner Stove and Oven

Making a Buddy Burner can be fun. We shared the experience with our grandchildren so each of their families could take one home. It is a safe fuel to be used in enclosed areas of a room or tent.

We had cut strips of cardboard, about 2 inches wide and 5 feet long, crosswise of the cardboard. You could see the holes of the cardboard strip along the long edges. This is important so when the wax is poured over the rolled cardboard strip, it will seep into the holes and through the cardboard strip.

Rolling Cardboard Strip

We had a larger 12 ounce chicken can and a smaller 6 ounce tuna can. Both of them worked just fine but the amount of wax required is about 12 ounces for the larger can and 4-6 ounces for the smaller can.

The grandkids rolled the cardboard very tightly into a spiral then they slipped it into the prepared can. The can had the top completely removed so edges wouldn’t be sharp.

Roll Cardboard into a Circle

Pushing Cardboard into Can

One slow cooker pot is now designated ‘the wax pot’ because the clean up of wax is so difficult. Another alternative to melt down the wax is to use a large disposable can that can be used like a double boiler and set into hot water for the melt down, then thrown away after the wax has been used.

With the cardboard rolled tightly and placed into the can, we placed the can on a level stump. The wax was melted to a liquid, and we used a ladle to slowly pour the wax over the cardboard, drenching it while filling all areas of the cardboard and the can.

Pouring Wax into Can

After it settled a bit, we added more wax clear to the top of the can. A bit of cardboard can be sticking up, or even a wick placed in the middle of the cardboard roll, but that is not necessary.

Finished Buddy Burner

Buddy Burner Before and After Wax

Lay a lighted match in the center of the Buddy Burner and it will light across the top of the can. As the wax burns down, more melted wax can be added for further use. As long as there is wax, the burner will continue to be useful.

Because the heat will be significant, for the base on which to place the Buddy Burner , you should use a stump, a ceramic tile square, a piece of granite, a brick, a stone and set up your cooking area. Because this is a real fire, it is wise to use it outdoors, but if you must use it indoors, put this cooking area close to a door or window that is open about ½ inch.

To create the stove top, remove one end of a #10 can. At the open end cut two slits, 4 ½ inches apart and 3 inches high so the Buddy Burner can easily slip under the stove top.

Cutting Stove 

The rectangular flap can be folded in but first, with needle nose pliers, roll the sharp edges of the can inwards then clamp down hard along the rolled edges to secure a blunt, rolled edge.

Rolling Edges Crimping Edges

Then without dangers of sharp side edges, push the rectangular flap up so not to be in the way of the heat exchange.

Shaped Stove

Poke 6 holes evenly spaced along the side walls of the closed top of the stove to create exhaust holes and pull the heat up through the stove.

Poking Air Holes Finished Buddy Burner and Stove with Tools

Buddy Burner and Stove

Lighting Buddy Burner

Buddy Burner Fire

The flame, or heat of the flame, can be regulated by folding a piece of foil in four layers or using a small piece of metal and placing it with a pair of pliers over a portion of the Buddy Burner flame.

This little stove can even be used as a small oven. Using a small foil loaf pan, or even another chicken can, it can be placed on top the stove, then another hollow #10 can (no added holes required other than one end being removed) stacked over the baking item, and it becomes an oven.

Buddy Burner Stove and Oven and Cake  Putting Oven over Cake  


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