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Auto Insurance

Most states have laws that dictate that you cannot drive a vehicle if you do not have it properly insured. You can even insure yourself against the event of an acciednt caused by someone who does not have enough or any Auto Insurance. Be sure to learn about all of the Auto Insurance laws for the state in which you live.

If your vehicle has been financed, the lender will probably require a certain minimum amount of coverage. So between the state and the lender, you are led to obtain certain amounts of Auto Insurance, but don't stop there.

Consider some of the questions below to help determine the coverage that is best for you.

  • How much is your vehicle worth today? Or in other words, how much could you get paid for selling your vehicle today?
  • How much do you owe on your vehicle today?
  • Is your vehicle "under water", or in other words, do you owe more than your vehicle is worth? If so, you may need to come up with money out of your own pocket, just to sell your vehicle.
  • What would you do if you suddenly did not have the use of your vehicle?
  • If your vehicle became disabled in an auto accident, could you get by without renting a replacement vehicle while yours was being repaired?
  • Do you, or anyone you will be insuring, drink alcohol?
  • What is your net worth and how much of that could you afford to lose? 
  • What state do you live in? Some states have certain traffic laws that agree with insurance companies and so they can offer you a lower premium. To find out, request two quotes where the only difference is the zip code, where the two zip codes are from different states. You might be shocked.
  • Does any vehicle that you want to insure have any special features that would cause the premium to be higher? Some of these might be things like special paint jobs, special tires or wheels and expensive electronic equipment installed.

Many insurance companies offer discounts if you (and those you insure) are less of a risk to need to file a claim. Below are some clues to help you reduce your premiums. In addition to those shown, you should ask your insurance company for a list of all of their discounts.

Auto and Home Discount - Sometimes an insurance company will try to lure your business by offering a discount if you insure both your autos and your home with them. Be sure to check out all of the numbers and compare all the possibilities to make sure you are not tricked by a marketing scheme.

Customer Loyalty Discount - Some companies will reward you if you stay with them for a long time. Ask your insurance company for details. In fact, it does not hurt to get a competetive quote from another insurance company and then call your inurance company to see if they will beat it. You just might be surprised.

Driver's Educaton Discount - Many companies will offer a discount for youth who take Driver's Education.

Defensive Driving Class Discount - Some companies will offer discounts for adults who have completed a Defensive Driving class. This kind of discount may be renewable so make sure you keep your discount by keeping current with your class.

Grades - Many insurance companies recognize that students with good grades are not involved in as many accidents as those with lower grades and as a result, they will give you a discount for good grades. Periodically you will need to prove their current grades are high enough by showing them a copy of a report card. They may or may not be good at reminding you of this, so be proactive and mark a calendar event to remind you to keep this discount current.

Good Driver Discount - If you have not had a significant moving violation or been at fault in an accident for a minimum length of time, your insurance company may give you a discount for being a good driver.

Military Discounts - If you or a person whom you will be insuring is or has been part of the militray, you may get a discount. Ask your insurance company for details.

Multiple Vehicle Discount - Many insurance companies will give you a discount if you insure more than one vehicle with them. Ask your insurance company for details.

Non-Smoker Discount - If you do not smoke, you are not likely to be distracted by all of the mechanical movements required to light, smoke and extinguish a cigarette. Some insurance companies realize this and will offer you a discount if you do not smoke.

Non-Drinker Discount - According to the website,, during 2005 in the US, alcohol related traffic accidents were responsible for 16,885 fatalities or 39% of all traffic fatalities. They also report that during 2005, there were 254,000 people injured in alcohol related traffic accidents. All of this adds up to a handsome discount for those who do not drink alcohol and thus would have a much lower chance of being involved in an alcohol related traffic accident. So, if you qualify, get your Non-Drinker Discount.

Organization Discount - Some insurance companies will give discounts to clients who belong to certain organizations. Ask your company as they do not always volunteer this info.

Safety Features Discount - Autos today can come with a variety of Safety Features that can earn you a discount. Some of these Safety Features include anti-lock braking systems, airbags and daytime running lights.

If you are not sure if the Safety Features you have will qualify, ask your insurance company for a list of their Safety Features Discounts. You might be surprised at what you learn. It might even affect what kind of vehicle you purchase next time.

Theft Prevention Discount - If your vehicle has certain high tech Theft Prevention equipment, be sure to let your insurance company know so you can get a discount. This includes, but is not limited to special anti-theft keys that need to be present to start the vehicle, security systems, steering wheel locking devices (like "The Club") and other equipment that will deter thieves.

If you are not sure if the Theft Prevention equipment you have will qualify, ask your insurance company for a list of their Theft Prevention Discounts. You might be surprised at what you learn. It might even affect what kind of vehicle you purchase next time.

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