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Auto Emergency Kit

If you own an auto, it is a good idea to keep an emergency kit in the trunk. This should be adapted to the climate in which you live. If you have different seasons where you live, make sure that the kit is correct for the current season. Below is a list of recommended contents. Select the ones that apply to your needs, your space available and your budget.

Auto Emergency Kit - There are pre-made Auto Emergency Kits that you can buy and then add things from this list. It just might save you time and money.

To see some Auto Emergency Kits, try these links:


AAA Explorer Road Kit

Blanket - Wool is the only material that keeps you warm when it is wet, so try to store a wool blanket. Get one that is at least 70% wool. If you have money and budget, store more than one.

Another kind of blanket that is easy to store is called an Emergency Blanket. These are made of Mylar and are small, silver lined and packed neatly into a pouch.

To see some Blankets, try these links:



Bungee Cord - These cords can come in very handy to tie things together or hold things down. Consider putting some in your Auto Emergency Kit.

To see some Bungee Cords, try these links:



Candles - Some are made to keep you safely warm in a car. They can provide heat and light. Be sure to have a safe way to use them without causing a fire. Click here for more on Candles.

Cash and Coins - It is a good idea to store some cash in your Auto Emergency Kit. You never know what you may need to spend cash for in an emergency.

In today's world of mobile phones, you might not think that you would ever need to use a pay phone. However, if there is not a working mobile phone available or the cell towers are not working, you may need to use a pay phone, if you can find one.

Besides that, there may be some other reasons to have cash on hand, such as to pay the toll at a toll booth. Keep coins and paper money in a well marked envelope in your kit.

Case - Every kit needs a good case to be stored in. Be sure to get one that will fit in the alloted space in your vehicle.

To see some Cases, try these links:


Compass and Maps - In today's world of GPS, we just might be too dependent on technology that may not be there when we need it. This means that we just might need to use a Compass and Maps to escape some situation. Consider storing both highway maps and topographical maps. Then you can navigate on wheels or on foot, without batteries.

To see some Compass and Maps Solutions, try these links:



Contact Info - Pretend that your PDA will not work. Keep a printed list of important people in your life and their contact info. Keep this info and all paperwork in zippered plastic bags so they won't get wet.

Cup - If there is water available, a cup would be handy. A versatile cup is the Sierra Cup. You can even use it to warm something over a stove.

To see some Cups, try these links:


First Aid Kit - This needs to be a small version of the home First Aid Kit. Since it will be exposed to hot and cold weather, be sure to rotate out items that may spoil. Click here to learn more about First Aid Kits.

Flares - It is a good idea to be prepared for an automotive emergency. One important thing to do is to warn oncoming traffic of a dangerous situation. Flares are easy to store and do not cost much.

To see some Auto Flares, try this link: 

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