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Air Pump

In order to use air effectively, quite often it needs to be inserted into an inflatable device. There are several types of air pumps that can be used to accomplish this.

Electric Air Pump -  These come in battery powered pumps as well as those that plug in the wall. The best air pumps are those that can plug into the wall and be recharged, yet they can be unplugged when being used. This would allow for the use of an air pump inside a tent or when the electricity has been lost.

Some electric air pumps have an attachment that will also deflate an air mattress and these are handy enough under normal circumstances. However, under an emergency situation where you may need to move on quickly, they can prove to be very beneficial.

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Hand Air Pump - Most school kids have used these to air up the tires in their bikes or to inflate a sports ball. If you rely on a hand air pump as a preparedness item, you might want to get a good quality one as there are a lot of cheap ones that don't last. However, check with the mountain bicycle vendors as they must have good quality air pumps that will last.

To see a Hand Air Pump Solution, try this link:

Lung Power - Yep, the old fashion lungs can be used to inflate some inflatable devices such as balloons and air mattresses. But this will be limited in its use. However, keep in mind that, perhaps, something does not need to be inflated all at once and it can be done over long periods of time that would allow the lungs to rest and recuperate between sessions. This is good to know if the only means you have to inflate something is with one or more sets of lungs.


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