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Air Filter and Mask

There are several kinds of filters and masks that can purify the air you breathe.


Electronic Air Filter- Electronic air filters use advanced science to trap air particles in a device that will collect them for disposal later. They can be very effective in reducing things like dust and pollen in the air you breathe in your home. However, they do require a source of electricity in order to operate.

To see some Electronic Air Filters click these links:

Furnace or A/C Filter - Most of these devices have a filter system to make sure that you normally would breathe as few particles as possible. Some of these are washable and some are not. You should become familiar with your own filters and service them regularly. Especially check them in times of poor air quality. If yours are not reusable, it would be wise to keep some extras on hand. They do not cost a lot and can be stored about anywhere. If you store them in a dusty place (like the attic) seal them inside a plastic trash bag.

Traditional Air Filter- The theory here is to push or pull air through some kind of mesh to let the unwanted particles of air be trapped and not passed on to someone's lungs. Usually some kind of mechanical fan would be used to move the air. However, if you did not have electricity, any way you can think of to move the air would work.

Wet Handkerchief - If you have no other way to avoid breathing unwanted air, you can always place a wet handkerchief (or rag or washcloth) over your mouth and nose. Then breathe normally. As conditions warrant, you may need to rinse the cloth out. Just be glad that all the particles that get rinsed away did not find their way into your lungs. Cloths as described here are rather inexpensive and easy to store so be sure to have sufficient for your entire family.

Window Screen - These go way back. If you have too much polluted air coming in your windows, you can always hose down the screen to clean it off. This could also act to attract more pollutants as the moisture in the screen would collect them.


Avian Flu/Swine Flu/SARS Mask - From time to time the world gets a scare that there is another kind of pandemic about to happen. Recent ones include Avian Flu, Swine Flu and SARS. These viruses are spread by breathing air that has been contaminated by someone who has the virus. Specially made filters can remove most of the contaminants before you breathe the air. They do not cost much until the threat (real or imagined) of a pandemic event breaks out. Get yours ahead of time and save money. Besides that, even if you don't mind paying more for them, you just might not be able to get them if demand out-paces the supply for them. They store easily.

To see some Flu Masks, click this link:

3M 8000 N95 Particle Respirator

Dust/Pollen Mask - These masks are readily available. They are designed to cover the mouth and nose and filter air just before it is breathed. There are permanent ones with replaceable filters and there are some that are disposable. Be sure to consider that if things were bad, you may not want to waste your precious water cleaning them, so you may want to store the disposable kind.

To see some Dust/Pollen Masks, click on these links:


Gas Mask - If you are ever under the threat of being exposed to air that is dangerous to breathe, a gas mask can come in handy. They are very sophisticated, but very valuable if needed. There are several kinds of masks available that will filter out different kinds of contaminants.

To see a Gas Mask, click on this link:

Oxygen Mask - This kind of mask is used in the medical field to add oxygen to the air that you are breathing. It does not necessarily seal off the other air and you will be breathing ambient air also. Sometimes oxygen is provided by a couple of small tubes, one placed near each nostril. Of course, this kind of mask would be useless without a source of oxygen such as a tank or machine.

Volcano Mask - If you live where a volcano may erupt, learn about the best kinds of masks to use.

Keep a supply of filters and masks in your:

  • 72 Hour Kit
  • Backpack
  • Boat
  • Briefcase
  • Cabin
  • Camper
  • Car
  • First Aid Kit
  • Home
  • Office
  • RV

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