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Air Compressor

Air compressors come in many sizes and they have many uses. An air compressor will compress and (usually) store ambient air (not pure oxygen). There are workshop sizes, industrial sizes, portable sizes for use in construction and even a small version that stores in your car. The car version does not store the air, it is just there to compress air so you can fill a flat tire. It is not a good idea to leave compressed air stored in your air compressor for extended periods of time. For our discussions here, we are assuming that you will be able to fill your air compressor just prior to an emergency happening. For example, if a major storm is predicted, fill your air compressor.

Consider the following uses:

Cleanup - Compressed air can be used to clean about anything that can withstand a shot of air. Use care if you clean something fragile like the inside of a PC because if you have the pressure set too high, you can break things.

Conserve - In order to conserve your compressed air, disconnect any attachments or hoses that leak.

Inflate - One of the most popular uses of compressed air is where it is used to inflate tires (auto, trailer, bike, etc), air beds and sports balls.

Power Tools - Many kinds of power tools can be driven by compressed air. If the air compressor is fully charged, these tools will be able to work even when the power is off. If you have a set of pneumatic (air) tools (screwdrivers, sockets, etc.) you will be able to work until you run out of compressed air.

Tools to Own - Make sure you own any of the following pneumatic tools that would fit your needs:  sockets, adjustable nozzle, tire inflator, sports ball needle and nail guns. 

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